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All at Swalwell Juniors put the safety of the children in their care at the heart of everything they do. Swalwell juniors has clear child protection policies (see summary below) which are there for officials, coaches, parents and of course the children themselves. These policies have been prepared by the Club Child Welfare officer who is an experienced child protection worker with years of experience in the police and local authority specialising in this field. In addition to CRB clearance all coaches are required to undergo child protection training which meets the standards of the Local Safeguarding Children Board ensuring high standards in this area.


Swalwell Juniors is an all inclusive community club which welcomes membership irrespective of background and beliefs. The club is not discriminatory with a committee elected by the membership to whom it is accountable. Currently the Club is working towards charitable status which is in keeping with its current activities. dozens of volunteers work daily with hundreds of children to engage them positively in sport.  At Swalwell every child does matter to us making sure all are given the chance to contribute positively to their local community.


Child Protection Policy

Swalwell Juniors FC is fully committed to the FA CHILD PROTECTION AND BEST PRACTICE POLICY.

A copy of the policy is available from the Club office or from TheFA.com – Club Welfare Officers

A summary of the Policy is set out below:

    • Respect: the need to show respect and acknowledge the rights of others-players,coaches,referees,officials,teams.
    • Equity: the need to provide opportunities for everyone to participate irrespective of their age,ability or disability,gender,sexual orientation,race and religion.
    • Sporting and fair play: the need to abide by the rules and spirit of the game,to reject the use of violence and promote integrity on and off the field.
    • People’s welfare: the need to place the needs and interests of people above everything else including the outcome of the match.
    • Example: the need to acknowledge the influence of football over young people and set a positive example at all times.
    • Community: the need to recognise the feelings of the football and wider community in consulting and making decisions.
    • Trust: the need to promote honesty and openness in all relationships.
    • Should you have any concerns or queries please direct them to the Designated Child Protection Person – Nichola Richardson (07908 287182)


For more information please contact Swalwell Juniors FC.

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